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This site is dedicated to today’s archers who follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest bow hunters throughout history. StickBowMen who are synonymous with recurves, longbows and selfbows, and the changes made to them in the past years. So in tribute to those men, this website will allow archers to find unique accessories that will forever declare to the world…..”I am a StickBowMan!”

Stop by often as new items will be added in the up-coming months that every StickBowMan will want to add to their collection.

PICTURED Rich Tiberio, Graylingdeerslayer with his 1960 Kodiak Crystal Light bow


Grumley Deerslayer on November 2, 2010

Hunting with a DeerSlayer is as traditional as you can get. I was fortunate that a friend, Norman Kache, from Wisconsin sold me this great bow made by Nel’s Grumley in approximately 1935/44. Some 70 years later the bow shoots as well now as it did then as the craftsmanship surpasses most traditional bows that are made today. I have to admit, it took a lot of courage to string this great bow and shoot it. My mind drifts back to who strung and shot it last and did this bow ever harvest a nice buck somewhere in Wisconsin or Michigan?

There is a piece of tape on the bow with the name Jim Schilstra, 816 Ash Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin, also a logo from the Tip Top Sport Shop, Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

I had hunted with the Deerslayer 21 days over 2 years. I let numerous does and small bucks pass before taking this buck.

Take a step back in time when hunting was simple, a wood bow, wood arrows, turkey feathers, woodsman ship, wood smoke, pawed acorns, the fall smell of drying leaves, the twitch of a deer’s tail and the gobble of a wild turkey.


Good Hunting,


Rich Tiberio, GraylingDeerSlayer

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Text Box: StickBowMan.com is now offering a select series of duplicate photos suitable for framing. These black and white pictures, copied from the originals, represent the days of the early StickBowMen and their way of life. Take a tour of the photo series and select your favorites to hang on the walls of the mancave.
Of special note is photo # 35 All the photos are reasonably priced at $10.00 each plus shipping, with the exception of #35 and #36. Those unique photos are specially priced at $20.00 each since they are signed by the famous archer Fred Bear and include his StickBowMan drawing. In addition to Bear’s signature, picture #36 is also personally dedicated to Al Reader. 
Any purchases of #36 will be donated to Traditional Archers of New Jersey. This organization, now numbers over 300 archers. Al Reader was one of the original charter members.