StickBowMan Photo Gallery

Barry and Gene Wensel

The 1958 Gang at Little Delta, Alaska L-R– Clem, Fred, Mike,
Bolding, Bud, Arvine, Glenn, Jacko

Art Young and Saxton Pope in the earliest days of modern bow hunting

Glenn St. Charles

Fred Bear

Fred Bear

Tom Taylor with his Desert Bighorn Ram

that scored 157 4/8 Compton

Fred Eichler with his trophy moose

Chief Compton

Glenn St. Charles heading to the top in a 1957 photo from the Brooks Range

Future Archers—Compton 2008

G. Fred Asbell

Original Edition of
Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

Monty Browning

Nels Grumley

Dale Karch

Marv Clyncke

Mike Mitten

Tom Phillips

Roger Rothhaar

Chet Stevenson

Doug Borland

Ron LaClair

Howard Hill

TJ Conrads and Larry Fisher

Fred Bear on the Little Delta, Alaska—1959

L-R: John Massacchia, Jr, Michele Eichler,
the late Val Sorrentino, John Massacchia, Sr.

Jack Palugh Art

Jack Palugh Art